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Idaho Falls, ID

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I went to the free event since my wife could bring a guest. I questioned the entire process since I'm usually a skeptic but it is actually a good event. The speaker talks you through all your doubts and you leave feeling really good about yourself and motivated. If you have a problem with being sold something, don't go. If you would like like real estate strategies, go. All employees were so helpful and patient with me and my wife.

Great First Class

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I only attended the first class and thought it was excellent. I would have liked to purchase the weekend but I could not afford it since I only receive government checks. I attended by myself and wish I had brought one of my friends since they would have found it interesting as well. I thought the couple from HGTV were going to be there but it was just a video of them at the beginning. I didn't mind that much since it was nice to be out of the house and learning about real estate. Each chair had some materials and snacks on it. I got some fruit snacks, cheese crackers and a pack of nutter butters. The presenter spoke for about 2 and a half hours and did a great job. At the end I received a portable mp3 player. I would love to come to another event if they come pack to Phoenix.

Denver, CO

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I went to the event last week. I was very excited and motivated to learn about real estate investing. The speaker talked about three different ways to invest. I know the show from HGTV. I watch Tarek and Christina and I always wanted to find out about how they buy houses with cash. I don't have a lot of cash. Now I know what they mean about using "other peoples money." One of my sons and son-in-law are handy in trades. I think fixing up houses would be a good family business for us. It does take money to get started. But I don't think you need to be a rich or have a fancy education. I would like it they had given more information specifically on where to get the money. There is another workshop that they offer, but I did not have the money to go at that time.


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