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Great opportunity, wouldn't miss it.

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I went to the 3-day training. I was visiting back in Chicagoland and decided to go. I actually extended my visit by a day to be able to attend. Worth it! The very first thing the speaker did was get out a flip chart and ask us what all we what wanted to learn about. Some people said wholesaling, some rental properties, some said expanding capital. On the last day he pulled out the same flip chart and they had answered every question people had. It was three 8-hour days. We broke for lunch, but mostly it was work, work, work. The best thing was that we learned common mistakes to avoid with the first flip. My husband and I had talked about flipping for awhile. He's in dental school and I do payroll for a property management firm. I want to quit my job and spend more time with my daughter. We don't have money to waste, so I'm glad I attended. We learned how to determine which deals are profitable. I'm sure I saved thousands just by not doing a deal I had planned on doing. I'd been driving by a house for months thinking it would make a great flip. I now know there is no way we can make the kind of money to make that deal worth our while.

My review.

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I work in the real estate business at a title company. I'm going to partner with a friend of mine and flip houses. I've seen other people try it and I don't want to make their mistakes. At 47 years old, I don't have time. As with anything, there is a learning curve. I want to learn what I need to know and start making money. Education costs. I wouldn't expect anybody to offer advice or training for free. People didn't raise their hands a lot at the workshop. I think that's because most of the questions were answered as the presentation went along. It was longer than I thought but that wasn't a problem since it was so informative. Some people left. I wasn't there for free food or a photo op. There were snacks. I ate the granola bar, but I was busy taking notes!

I need something new.

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I attended a workshop when I was visiting my wife's family back east. I wouldn'tve normally attended an event like this. I get cards in the mail all the time for seminars, but I usually just chuck them out. My father-in-law wanted me to go and give him my opinion. He's worked in construction trades and my mother-in-law likes DIY shows so it peaked their interest. I don't have any experience in real estate or trades, but I do have a degree in business so my wife's dad respects my opinion. The event was held at a hotel not far from the freeway. Parking was easy. We were greeted by a woman who told us to fill out a card. It didn't ask for any real personal information. Just name and address, basically. She gave us a nametag and we went in. The room was about 3/4 full eventhough we were right on time. It did fill up later, though, and they added more chairs. It was a cold day. I wish there had been hot coffee. There were snacks, but we didn't eat them. Brochures lined the rows of chairs. They were nicely-produced but didn't offer more than general information. Everything I learned was from the speaker. He was great! It's a top-notch program. I have P & L responsibility in my capacity as a department manager. I'm used to evaluating things for a living. Believe me, this checks out. Many people will get enough information to starting flipping houses right after the 3-day event. They have coaches and mentors if you need them as you work through your first deal. They have a guarantee and will stay with you until you recoup the investment in your training. There is a sales ptich, I suppose. But if you buy a car, a house, or attend church for that matter, you are going to be pitched. There is an element of risk with anything, I suppose. But nothing ventured, nothing gained. My FIL signed up for the 3-day training. He got a lot out of it and is actively looking for his first deal. He learned how to get leads before they get to the market, what projects to take on himself and what to outsource, and how to find a buyer before the renovation is even complete. Well worth the investment. I wish I could partner with him, but I don't need to get into a long-distance flip at this point. As a newbie I need something close to home. If the workshop ever comes anywhere near me, I'll be there.


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